Top 10 Things to Do in San Francisco Vacation

It does not matter if you are from the south or from the north, you will surely enjoy a vacation in this marvelous city located on the bay of the California state. It is not the most popular city there as Los Angeles occupied this rank year ago but, if you really want to enjoy the southern essence blended with contemporary art and architecture then you must visit San Francisco. Also, if you like to see the best of California without much ado and traffic then discard LA and choose a San Francisco travel.

When you travel to San Francisco, you need to plan your visit well as there are several things you must see and visit before you leave the city and head for your home town. Let me walk you through some major landmarks that you have to visit before you go.

Alcatraz prison
This is one of the most popular spots in San Francisco, visitors are streaming all the year long as the weather never goes wrong here, most of the time it is sunny here. Alcatraz was the harshest prison in the United States; nowadays it is just a memory to see. There are guided tours there where you can experience prisoners’ cells and take a look at the place.

The Water Front
Take the ferry back to the land and enjoy the water front with its numerous shops, restaurants and street performers. There are plenty of restaurants from different cuisines in the area where you can have a full meal or just a snack while overlooking the water.

The Golden Gate Bridge
This is one of the must – see tourist places of San Francisco, your San Francisco travel cannot be completed unless you visit this historic bridge. You can find parking areas there along with toilets and restaurants. There is some Gift shops in the area, grabbing some souvenirs from these shops would be a good idea.

Union Park
If you want to enjoy a green lush then union square would be a great option for you, it is located near the cable care line and on top of underground car park. The perimeter is stuffed with high end shops and hotels. Consider strolling in this area and take a peak on the shop windows.

San Francisco Cable Car
The moving landmark of San Francisco, the cable car ride is very interesting especially if you have your kids travelling with you. The cable cars and the cable cars museum are joyful places to visit.

This was built by Americans according to their i9dea about how the Chinese architectures look alike. The real chinatown appears in the small alleys and streets deep inside chinatown. Overall, it is a very nice place to spend an evening where you will be able to experience a blend between the Chinese charming atmosphere and South American hospitality.

Lombard Street
One of the most popular Twisted roads in San Francisco, it would be a nice end for your Cable car trip while you Travel San Francisco. Get off on Hyde and Lombard station and stroll down the street.

This is another escape near the San Francisco bay. Get back to the water front and take the ferry to Sausalito where you will be able to look at San Francisco from the sea. Do not forget to sip a glass of famous California orange while you are there. When you get back to the main land, get your mean in the Cliff house located on the high hill overlooking the water. This building was first established in the early 1800s and was renovated 3 times since then.

Coit Tower
Another place to get a look of the city but from a bird’s eye, take the elevator to the upper floor of the famous Coit tower and look at the bay area with the city simultaneously. It is located on the telegraph hill. It is a breath taking experience and you will love the feel of cool air blowing through your hair with picturesque sight available.

The North Coast
This is a unique blend of Italian and Chinese cultures in one place. Here you will be able to experience the Old Italian food in its best way. The family – run restaurants and the expensive ones are found side by side in this area. You can enjoy the good range of Italian food here.

San Francisco Travel at night and you will experience a totally different view of the city, the lights add a lot to the scenes and the night life is as busy as the day. I hope that these San Francisco travel tips would help you during your San Francisco travel.

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Places To Stay In New York

Backpacker to 5 Star , boutique to pod, there is a huge variety of accomodation available in New York City, the question is which of the five boroughs do you wish to stay in. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island. They are all so different with advantages and disadvantages, it depends on what you are looking for
Manhattan Island is possibly the best known shopping and theatre area in the world, the most heavily populated area of New York State, situated at the mouth of the Hudson River and split in two East and West by Fifth Avenue. Home to Wall Street, the Empire State Building, the Radio City Music Hall, St Patricks Cathedral and Broadway, stores like Macys the worlds largest department store, FAO Schwartz the worlds ultimate toy store and Bloomingdales for a unique shopping experience
Brooklyn, just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Island, you find the Brooklyn Naval Yards, the waterfront, and many ethnic neighbourhoods reflecting the long list of immigrants to settle in the New Land
Queens is across the water from Manhattan on the western side of Long Island. If you fly into JFK International Airport or LaGuardia Airport you will be arriving and departing from Queens
The Bronx today is home to Yankee Stadium, once upon a time it was home to gangsters and bootleggers.
Staten Island is a popular destination for tourists who take the Staten Island Ferry across the bay from Manhattan getting great views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the way
If you wish to visit the Statue of Liberty you will need to book tickets. With a limited number of tickets available it makes sense to book excursion tickets before you travel.
What hotels are available in New York City, well The Metro, Hudson, Roosevelt, Edison, Skyline, Salisbury, Plaza, Thirty Thirty, Warwick, Paramount, Manhattan, Pennsylvania, Belvedere, Pod, Bentley, Bedford, Beacon, Central Park, Central, Casablanca, Carter, Carlton, Broadway, Boutique, and thats just to name a few, unless you wish to spend hours making phone calls the best way to book a Hotel in New York is via one of the big travel agencies who get special rates because of their size and they pass these rates on to you. If any of the big hotels are low on bookings they offer the big online players discounts of up to 80% (strings attached) to get some bookings. By passing most of this discount on to the consumer the big hotel booking agencies offer great deals while they make a profit for themselves. If you phoned the Hotel you would not be offered this discount.
If it is a smaller Bed and Breakfast hotel or apartment complex it can be best to look around for yourself because some of these establishments are not big enough to offer multi room discounts to the agencies so they book direct and can offer discounts if they are under booked or if you are booking in advance for a special occasion.
Hostels are often cheap alternative places to stay in New York. Always best to book direct in advance, if you have enough people to fully book a hostel room discounts are often available.

Francis Shaw is a freelance author who lives in London and contributes articles on travel, flights and hotels including Places to Stay in New York and Stay in New York