7 Great Things For Couples to Do in Malaga

1. Take in a walking tour of Malaga. A trip to the historic quarter will enable you both to enjoy visiting the most important historic buildings in the city. If you take in the following streets and squares you will come across the most important sights to see in Malaga: Calle Larios, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza del Obispo, Calle Molina Lario, Calle Cister and Calle Alcantarilla.

2. Take a trip to the Beach and Sea! If you don’t feel like walking and prefer a relaxing day on the beach, remember that the best beaches near the city are El Candado beach, El Palo Beach, Las Acacias Beach. What could be better than a romantic stroll down the sandy beaches at night! There are plenty of water sports and boat trips to enjoy should the temptation arise!

3. Visit the Palaces and Castles of Malaga. What could be more enjoyable that a visit to the remains of Spain’s colonial and regal heritage? A visit to La Alcazaba the palace for the Nazarite kings will enable you to see the remains of a wonderful Roman theatre in the entrance to the castle. La Alcazaba was built by the Moors in the 11th century. If you take in a trip to Gibralfaro Castle you will get spectacular views of Malaga and the sea from this stunning location.

You could also enjoy romantic strolls around the Palace Marques de Valdeflores, and also the Bishops and Customs Palace. The Town Hall is a modern building and well worth checking out too. Actually, one of the more impressive attractions in Malaga was a place well frequented by royalty in the past – The Malaga Bullfighting Ring. It is perched on a hilltop, well above the shoreline. The impressive ring dates from 1874 and there are regular shows for the capacity crowd which is around 15,000 people.

4. Discover the beauty of Malaga’s Cathedrals and Churches. Malaga boasts some wonderful cathedrals, that are well worth exploring together, for the beauty of the architecture! Following the Christian conquest of the city in 1489, there began a huge construction of churches in the city. The construction of the main Malaga Cathedral began in 1528, and was built on the top of the former mosque in the city. If stunning architecture is your thing, then the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles will astound you.

Other places of worship that have a stunning beauty about them include Sagrario Church, which is positioned between the Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, and Santiago Church, which is where the renowned artist Pablo Picasso was baptized. Which leads us on to…

5. Take in the Picasso Tour of Malaga. Legendary artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881, and no visit to the city is complete with a visit to the Picasso Foundation (Fundación Picasso), which is located in the historic quarter. This 5 level building is a haven for art lovers, and features plenty of works by the artist, together with regular exhibitions of his major works. Picasso’s family lived on the actual second tier of the building.

Take in also a trip to the Museo Picasso, which is close to the birthplace of the artist and has many family portraits on display.

6. Enjoy Golfing in Malaga. If you both are golf lovers, then Malaga is a must destination! There are plenty of outdoor activities to do on the Costa del Sol, ranging from beach sports to water sports, but the jewel in the crown of Malaga is its impressive golf courses.

There are over 50 golf courses estimated in the Costa del Sol region, the most popular being the famous Valderrama and San Roque courses for the experienced golfer. There are plenty of courses for less experienced golfers, but all in the region offer wonderful playing surfaces and stunning surroundings.

7. Take a trip to Antigua Casa de Guardia and enjoy some fine Malaga Wine! The oldest wine tavern in Malaga affords visitors the chance to sample some delicious wine that is stored in oak caskets in a 19th century themed wine bar. Founded in 1840, the winery is located in the village of Olias, which is to the north of the El Palo neighbourhood of Malaga. Malaga is also home to some wonderful eateries, and the specialty food in the region is “Pescaito Frito” which translates as small, fried fish!

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