Top 10 Things to Do in San Francisco Vacation

It does not matter if you are from the south or from the north, you will surely enjoy a vacation in this marvelous city located on the bay of the California state. It is not the most popular city there as Los Angeles occupied this rank year ago but, if you really want to enjoy the southern essence blended with contemporary art and architecture then you must visit San Francisco. Also, if you like to see the best of California without much ado and traffic then discard LA and choose a San Francisco travel.

When you travel to San Francisco, you need to plan your visit well as there are several things you must see and visit before you leave the city and head for your home town. Let me walk you through some major landmarks that you have to visit before you go.

Alcatraz prison
This is one of the most popular spots in San Francisco, visitors are streaming all the year long as the weather never goes wrong here, most of the time it is sunny here. Alcatraz was the harshest prison in the United States; nowadays it is just a memory to see. There are guided tours there where you can experience prisoners’ cells and take a look at the place.

The Water Front
Take the ferry back to the land and enjoy the water front with its numerous shops, restaurants and street performers. There are plenty of restaurants from different cuisines in the area where you can have a full meal or just a snack while overlooking the water.

The Golden Gate Bridge
This is one of the must – see tourist places of San Francisco, your San Francisco travel cannot be completed unless you visit this historic bridge. You can find parking areas there along with toilets and restaurants. There is some Gift shops in the area, grabbing some souvenirs from these shops would be a good idea.

Union Park
If you want to enjoy a green lush then union square would be a great option for you, it is located near the cable care line and on top of underground car park. The perimeter is stuffed with high end shops and hotels. Consider strolling in this area and take a peak on the shop windows.

San Francisco Cable Car
The moving landmark of San Francisco, the cable car ride is very interesting especially if you have your kids travelling with you. The cable cars and the cable cars museum are joyful places to visit.

This was built by Americans according to their i9dea about how the Chinese architectures look alike. The real chinatown appears in the small alleys and streets deep inside chinatown. Overall, it is a very nice place to spend an evening where you will be able to experience a blend between the Chinese charming atmosphere and South American hospitality.

Lombard Street
One of the most popular Twisted roads in San Francisco, it would be a nice end for your Cable car trip while you Travel San Francisco. Get off on Hyde and Lombard station and stroll down the street.

This is another escape near the San Francisco bay. Get back to the water front and take the ferry to Sausalito where you will be able to look at San Francisco from the sea. Do not forget to sip a glass of famous California orange while you are there. When you get back to the main land, get your mean in the Cliff house located on the high hill overlooking the water. This building was first established in the early 1800s and was renovated 3 times since then.

Coit Tower
Another place to get a look of the city but from a bird’s eye, take the elevator to the upper floor of the famous Coit tower and look at the bay area with the city simultaneously. It is located on the telegraph hill. It is a breath taking experience and you will love the feel of cool air blowing through your hair with picturesque sight available.

The North Coast
This is a unique blend of Italian and Chinese cultures in one place. Here you will be able to experience the Old Italian food in its best way. The family – run restaurants and the expensive ones are found side by side in this area. You can enjoy the good range of Italian food here.

San Francisco Travel at night and you will experience a totally different view of the city, the lights add a lot to the scenes and the night life is as busy as the day. I hope that these San Francisco travel tips would help you during your San Francisco travel.

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Places To Stay In New York

Backpacker to 5 Star , boutique to pod, there is a huge variety of accomodation available in New York City, the question is which of the five boroughs do you wish to stay in. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island. They are all so different with advantages and disadvantages, it depends on what you are looking for
Manhattan Island is possibly the best known shopping and theatre area in the world, the most heavily populated area of New York State, situated at the mouth of the Hudson River and split in two East and West by Fifth Avenue. Home to Wall Street, the Empire State Building, the Radio City Music Hall, St Patricks Cathedral and Broadway, stores like Macys the worlds largest department store, FAO Schwartz the worlds ultimate toy store and Bloomingdales for a unique shopping experience
Brooklyn, just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Island, you find the Brooklyn Naval Yards, the waterfront, and many ethnic neighbourhoods reflecting the long list of immigrants to settle in the New Land
Queens is across the water from Manhattan on the western side of Long Island. If you fly into JFK International Airport or LaGuardia Airport you will be arriving and departing from Queens
The Bronx today is home to Yankee Stadium, once upon a time it was home to gangsters and bootleggers.
Staten Island is a popular destination for tourists who take the Staten Island Ferry across the bay from Manhattan getting great views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the way
If you wish to visit the Statue of Liberty you will need to book tickets. With a limited number of tickets available it makes sense to book excursion tickets before you travel.
What hotels are available in New York City, well The Metro, Hudson, Roosevelt, Edison, Skyline, Salisbury, Plaza, Thirty Thirty, Warwick, Paramount, Manhattan, Pennsylvania, Belvedere, Pod, Bentley, Bedford, Beacon, Central Park, Central, Casablanca, Carter, Carlton, Broadway, Boutique, and thats just to name a few, unless you wish to spend hours making phone calls the best way to book a Hotel in New York is via one of the big travel agencies who get special rates because of their size and they pass these rates on to you. If any of the big hotels are low on bookings they offer the big online players discounts of up to 80% (strings attached) to get some bookings. By passing most of this discount on to the consumer the big hotel booking agencies offer great deals while they make a profit for themselves. If you phoned the Hotel you would not be offered this discount.
If it is a smaller Bed and Breakfast hotel or apartment complex it can be best to look around for yourself because some of these establishments are not big enough to offer multi room discounts to the agencies so they book direct and can offer discounts if they are under booked or if you are booking in advance for a special occasion.
Hostels are often cheap alternative places to stay in New York. Always best to book direct in advance, if you have enough people to fully book a hostel room discounts are often available.

Francis Shaw is a freelance author who lives in London and contributes articles on travel, flights and hotels including Places to Stay in New York and Stay in New York

Getting Rid of Acne – 10 Important Things to Avoid Doing to Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and therefore it deserves to be treated with some respect and kindness. When you look after you skin, your skin looks after you.

1. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze your zits or pimples – by avoiding these temptations you will reduce the spread by not making them any worse, they will heal that much quicker and you will have less scaring.

2. Sunbed tanning – this has now been proven to cause significant skin damage, as you are actually burning your skin causing premature aging and skin cancers.

3. Smoking – I guess that’s self explanatory. We all know the harmful effects caused from smoking, like lung cancer, heart disease to name a few, and smoking also makes you look older. That’s because the nicotine in the cigarette smoke causes the blood vessels and capillaries in the skin to shrink. This deprives the skin of much needed oxygen needed to circulate and maintain healthy skin cells.

4. Overdosing on Vitamin A – you may have been told that taking vitamin A will help cure your acne, but what you need to be aware of is, that when you body takes on too much Vitamin A, it will store the remainder in your liver, eventually causing you major health problems. The best and safest way to get Vitamin A, is from eating vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots, or you can take a beta carotene vitamin A supplement that’s in a much milder form.

5. Check before using a Perilous peel or even Dermabrasion – If you have a dark complexion you may experience streaking or uneven pigmentation, with a possibility of scaring. Best thing to do is get a second or even third opinion to make sure. Make sure you do your own research.

6. Rosacea treatments – when purchasing over the counter medications, make sure you actually have rosacea, before purchasing any prescription drugs, as you could end up making your skin worse.

7. Over using Topical Steroids – If you are suffering from a mild rash or itch, and you decide to go to your local store and buy an over the counter product, like a cortisone cream or ointment. It’s perfectly OK to use the product for a couple of days, but be mindful of using it on a regular day to day basis, as you will potentially thin your skin.

8. Four-In-One Shaving Razor Blades – for those with acne or even sensitive skin, by using these kinds of shavers you may cause your skin to be even more irritated and sore, from having such a close shave. If possible stick to the single blade for both safety and your acne will thank you for it.

9. Be cautious with products you don’t know – when purchasing treatments that claim to cure your acne, make sure you know what ingredients are in them. Some herbal medications can actually make certain skin inflammations worse, especially if you have an allergic reaction. So definitely err on the side of caution.

10. Spend less time in front of the mirror – when you are suffering from acne or any skin problem, your main concern will be how you look. But if you start obsessing about how you look, you may forget about all the other great things you already have. Best advice – Stay away from the mirror while you undertake your acne treatment, and let your skin get on with the job at hand – getting rid of the acne!

Just because acne is common, doesn’t mean that you need to suffer needlessly, and that there isn’t anything that you can do about getting rid of acne. You certainly don’t need to wait until it decides to go away by its self before you decide to take action. There is a great remedy available that will help you get rid of acne.

Fun and Free Things to Do When Visiting Marina Del Rey

Whether you’re looking for fun on land or water, you’ll find it in Marina del Rey. Located west of Los Angeles, California, along the Pacific Coast, this beautiful area has plenty to offer. This article looks at the many events and free things to do in this exciting locale.

The Great Outdoors

Head over to Marina del Rey Boat Rentals if you’d like to hit the water. You can rent a kayak, sailboat, or powerboat here to launch off a California beach by the hour or half or full day. If you aren’t interested in being the captain of your own vessel, The UCLA Marine Aquatic Center provides sunset paddle rides, kayak rides, marine life kayak tours, and bird watching kayak tours. If fishing is your passion, Marina del Rey Sportsfishing provides morning and evening fishing tours that will put you in the prime spot to catch yellowtail bass, sea bass, and halibut.

You can get a ticket for a high-speed catamaran ride to Catalina Island for a day at the Catalina-Marina del Rey Flyer. For a romantic experience in the great outdoors, take your sweetie on a romantic 32-foot Italian gondola ride off California beach shores at Gondola D’Amore.

Unique Shopping

Within a short distance away from this gorgeous destination, you’ll find unique boutiques and stores. Villa Marina Marketplace, the largest shopping center in the area, has over 60 stores, restaurants, and movie theaters and hosts several special events throughout the year. With live music while weekend shopping, Waterside at Marina del Rey offers spectacular shops featuring jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Festival boutiques that sit along the boardwalk of Venice Beach, which is a California beach near Marina del Rey, offer an exceptional experience. In addition to incredible boutiques, you’ll find lots of street vendors at Venice Beach selling everything from souvenirs to one of a kind art pieces. There are plenty of free things to do at Venice Beach, including bringing your dog for a walk, rollerblading, watching street artists perform, and listening to live music. If you visit at the right time, you might even enjoy a festival or other special events in this area.

Check out Main Street in Marina del Rey for surf clothing, distinctive jewelry, funny hats, and incredible artwork. With many free things to do, including people watching, you’ll enjoy a trip to Main Street.

Delicious Dining

If you’d like a more relaxed dinner experience, check out Tony P’s Dockside Grill & Tavern. With big screen televisions set to sports channels, you can sit back to enjoy a beer and a game between your favorite team and its biggest rival. For a more upscale meal, choose Glow, popular for its live music and outdoor eating areas. The Warehouse Restaurant near the harbor offers an exotic menu along with live music and salsa dance lesson on Friday nights. You’ll find live jazz music on Saturday nights.

Whether you’re interested in a festival, special events, shopping, dining, or some time in the great outdoors, you’ll find it all in this amazing vacation destination, including plenty of free things to do.

Karen Phillips writes for Visit Marina del Rey. They offer information on free things to do when visiting this beautiful vacation destination.

Looking Into the Interior of Things

Rarely today do we meet with real timeless practical wisdom of the ages. This is why I love the sage, Balthasar Gracian, and why I so love to pull his wizardry apart piece by piece to put it back together.

This is what he says toward guarding judgment until the appropriate time:

“Lies always come first, dragging fools along by their irreparable vulgarity. Truth always lags last, limping along on the arm of Time. The wise therefore reserve for it the other half of that power which the common mother has wisely given in duplicate. Deceit is very superficial, and the superficial therefore easily fall into it. Prudence lives retired within its recesses, visited only by sages and wise men.”

The following may be drawn from this saying:

We don’t always judge things correctly first time around.

The truth is often not presented first up. People have many motives for misrepresenting the truth besides being plain wrong. Non-truth can be promoted via slips, lapses, mistakes and violations–all common to ‘human error.’

Truth may ‘limp along’ finally in last position, but it always comes, eventually. It is therefore the safest position to be on i.e. the side of truth, when it arrives/is revealed.

Patience is required in extracting benefit from truth.

The ‘common mother,’ or our innate natures, has provided for our ability to wait on the truth. But first we must stop or control our desires.

Like attracts like. The superficial seek out the superficial. If we’re adept at looking deeply into things i.e. into their interior, seeing the fine print, we’ll not often stop at the superficial, initial presentation of ‘fact.’
And the final sentence sheds light on where we need to be.

The prudent live not only aware of the presence of deceit, they live in ‘its recesses,’ being part of the lattice of deceit but very much apart from it. They do this because they know they can’t escape deceit; it’s inevitable in this world. So they gird themselves in it to protect themselves from it. And from this standpoint they can simultaneously be as cunning as a snake but as pure as a dove (Matthew 10:16).

Copyright © 2009, S. J. Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Steve Wickham is a registered safety practitioner (BSc, MSIA, RSP) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). He also has training and leadership Diplomas. His passion in vocation is facilitation and coaching; encouraging people to soar to a higher value of their potential. Steve’s key passion is work / life balance and re-creating value for living, and an exploration of the person within us.

New York Marriage Records – the important things you should know

However, access to New York marriage records, you must understand that there are two government agencies to files that update all the documentation has been included by registered or made.

In most cases in the archives of the municipality in which the microfilm readers are on a DIY site that you can watch either stored. But to use the microfilm reader, these units have to pay $ 5, cover the cost of living, but can the whole day and unlimited search for the end of his five-hours are used later. You can also ask the employees to contribute a copy of the records that you receive, but you must also pay $ 15 per copy and can be less than an hour.

But this process only applies if you are one of five marriages in the county archives in New York marriage records, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Iceland. If you are outside the five major cities, you’ll see information about the Ministry of Health. So do not forget these things pursuit of information that are important to the success of their mission.

Another option is to look to go online and manage the facilities of independent businesses through a database of all files to the public and offers an easy way to find, because it can not be done at home, save time and effort. This option would cost money, but only part of a year usually between $ 20 and 40% and can make unlimited searches at any time.

In all cases in which New York marriage records, you know the options for the time and knows where to find them, if you choose the first method.

Run the search to information free to the public records such as birth and death, deposits of marriage and divorce, criminal law, county public records, phone number, address, etc. .find

Andy Wong – Copyright © 2011
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