Bus Touring With Kids For Less

Taking a tour on a bus is a great way to see the sights in any city you wish to visit. It may be a city nearby, or it may be a city anywhere in the world. It might be a tour that lasts less than a day or more than a week. No matter what kind of bus tour you take, you can find ways to bring your children along at discounted rates.

You can contact the visitors’ center in any city you are considering visiting. The easiest way to do this is to look the city up on the internet under “visitors’ center.” Doing so will open up a vast array of activities to do in the various cities.

Some of these activities are bus tours. At the visitors’ center sites themselves, you might find discounts on bus tours for kids. Even though these bus tours may not be city sponsored, they will still be listed as available activities.

San Diego offers some bus tours through Contact Tours. The prices are from about twenty-five to about fifty dollars for adults. Kids get a discount. Prices for them are from twelve to twenty-four dollars.

San Francisco also offers bus tours. Instead of using large buses, they use small shuttle buses. The prices are over sixty dollars for adults and around fifty dollars for kids. These are five hour tours and they include the cost of a ferry ride.

If you are going to Las Vegas, you might be looking for some activities you can share with your kids. A bus ride to the Grand Canyon would be an interesting mini-trip. If you check with travel sites relating to Las Vegas, you can find them.

One, for example, is a fifteen-hour bus trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back with scenic stops and stops for lunch and snacks. The price is just over one hundred dollars for adults. However, kids go for under ninety dollars and kids two years old and under go for free.

Global Coach Tours can be found on the internet. It is a site that offers several-day bus tours to international cities by several different companies. They offer many discounts. There is a special discount of five percent off for children and teens.

They also offer discounts for frequent travelers, advance payment, tour combinations, and groups. These price reductions are from five to ten percent off. You can check other bus tour sites and find the same types of discounts.

One thing to take note of, though, is that you must book and pay for your tour in full within the given time to get the advance payment reduction. Also, if prices change between the time you pay and the time you go, your price will change as well. You may get a refund if prices go down. If they go up, you’ll have to pay more.

For ordinary bus travel that doesn’t include tours, you can still get discounts. Check with the major bus carriers. Greyhound offers a forty percent discount for kids between the ages of two to eleven. Two children can travel with each adult for this reduced fare. Also, children under two ride free.

The whole family can spend quality time on a bus tour. It is also an inexpensive way to get from one place to another. Knowing about kids’ discounts is an important part of any family’s bus travel plans.

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