Places To Stay In New York

Backpacker to 5 Star , boutique to pod, there is a huge variety of accomodation available in New York City, the question is which of the five boroughs do you wish to stay in. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island. They are all so different with advantages and disadvantages, it depends on what you are looking for
Manhattan Island is possibly the best known shopping and theatre area in the world, the most heavily populated area of New York State, situated at the mouth of the Hudson River and split in two East and West by Fifth Avenue. Home to Wall Street, the Empire State Building, the Radio City Music Hall, St Patricks Cathedral and Broadway, stores like Macys the worlds largest department store, FAO Schwartz the worlds ultimate toy store and Bloomingdales for a unique shopping experience
Brooklyn, just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Island, you find the Brooklyn Naval Yards, the waterfront, and many ethnic neighbourhoods reflecting the long list of immigrants to settle in the New Land
Queens is across the water from Manhattan on the western side of Long Island. If you fly into JFK International Airport or LaGuardia Airport you will be arriving and departing from Queens
The Bronx today is home to Yankee Stadium, once upon a time it was home to gangsters and bootleggers.
Staten Island is a popular destination for tourists who take the Staten Island Ferry across the bay from Manhattan getting great views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the way
If you wish to visit the Statue of Liberty you will need to book tickets. With a limited number of tickets available it makes sense to book excursion tickets before you travel.
What hotels are available in New York City, well The Metro, Hudson, Roosevelt, Edison, Skyline, Salisbury, Plaza, Thirty Thirty, Warwick, Paramount, Manhattan, Pennsylvania, Belvedere, Pod, Bentley, Bedford, Beacon, Central Park, Central, Casablanca, Carter, Carlton, Broadway, Boutique, and thats just to name a few, unless you wish to spend hours making phone calls the best way to book a Hotel in New York is via one of the big travel agencies who get special rates because of their size and they pass these rates on to you. If any of the big hotels are low on bookings they offer the big online players discounts of up to 80% (strings attached) to get some bookings. By passing most of this discount on to the consumer the big hotel booking agencies offer great deals while they make a profit for themselves. If you phoned the Hotel you would not be offered this discount.
If it is a smaller Bed and Breakfast hotel or apartment complex it can be best to look around for yourself because some of these establishments are not big enough to offer multi room discounts to the agencies so they book direct and can offer discounts if they are under booked or if you are booking in advance for a special occasion.
Hostels are often cheap alternative places to stay in New York. Always best to book direct in advance, if you have enough people to fully book a hostel room discounts are often available.

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New York Marriage Records – the important things you should know

However, access to New York marriage records, you must understand that there are two government agencies to files that update all the documentation has been included by registered or made.

In most cases in the archives of the municipality in which the microfilm readers are on a DIY site that you can watch either stored. But to use the microfilm reader, these units have to pay $ 5, cover the cost of living, but can the whole day and unlimited search for the end of his five-hours are used later. You can also ask the employees to contribute a copy of the records that you receive, but you must also pay $ 15 per copy and can be less than an hour.

But this process only applies if you are one of five marriages in the county archives in New York marriage records, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Iceland. If you are outside the five major cities, you’ll see information about the Ministry of Health. So do not forget these things pursuit of information that are important to the success of their mission.

Another option is to look to go online and manage the facilities of independent businesses through a database of all files to the public and offers an easy way to find, because it can not be done at home, save time and effort. This option would cost money, but only part of a year usually between $ 20 and 40% and can make unlimited searches at any time.

In all cases in which New York marriage records, you know the options for the time and knows where to find them, if you choose the first method.

Run the search to information free to the public records such as birth and death, deposits of marriage and divorce, criminal law, county public records, phone number, address, etc. .find

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Attractive Winter in New York City

As a present God sentiNew York with  two winter seasons: the holiday season( Thanksgiving to New Years) and the post-holiday season9 ( Jan. 2-March 31) isvery beautiful and attracts many travel to experience the seasons. There are differences between the two hoilidays. But the article will focus on the post- holiday season with some top attractions.


New York City is a cold and hard place, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty in the coldest, hardest season.  If you’re visiting New York between Thanksgiving and New Years, here are the top five attractions


Rockefeller Center — There is something magical about this place.  The awe one might feel upon seeing the Sistine Chapel is very much alive in the glow of the Christmas tree.  There is no more “Christmasy” feeling to be had in the entire world.  Your every sense is indulged to its fullest with the season.  Never mind the crowds, this is a must.
The store displays along Fifth Avenue — Even during a recession, retailers in New York go all out with window displays.  You can walk along Fifth between 57th and 34th on either side of the street and see amazing creations.  Be sure to take pictures because they will be gone.  If you’re walking in a downtown direction, turn right at 34th and go a block or two to Macy’s.  If you’re walking uptown, turn right at 57th and check out Bloomingdale’s, plus a lot of beautiful shops on 57th.
Central Park — Everyone knows the ice skating rink is gorgeous, but my favorite view is from Strawberry Fields.  It’s wide open and nothing compares if there is snow.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art — If the weather is really crummy, spend an entire day here.  There are a lot of museums in New York, but this one has it all — from modern art all the way back to ancient Egypt. 
Greenwich Village and Soho — It may seem kind of cliche, but this is a great place to poke around in winter.  You can always duck into a little cafe for a coffee or libation, and there are a lot of pretty little shops to check out. 


There are about a thousand other attractions that are wonderful in the winter, but those five should keep you busy for a while.  If you’re visiting between January and March, replace the first two items on the list with:


The Theatre District — Again, if the weather is rough, you can kill a lot of time seeing incredible productions.
The Breakers — Head way uptown on a snowy day.  This place is absolutely beautiful.


Have a wonderful trip!


By the way, I know where to get a great walking tour of NYC.

And here are some NYC book recommendations so that you can be prepared.

What To Do In New York City

New York is one of the world’s most famous cities. A record 48.7 million visitors came to New York last year. They contributed $ 31 billion to the city economy, according to deputy mayor Robert Steel. Mayor Bloomberg has set a goal of attracting 50 million visitors to New York by 2012.To avoid crowds schedule your trip at off peak times.

Planning your visit here can ensure you maximize the time you spend in this city. The numerous answers you get to the question “What to do in New York City?” can sometimes confuse you. Have a look at some of the possibilities-

* Most visitors make a beeline for the Empire State Building observatory. Although you can get a stunning view of the city skyline from here, if you are short on time you may not want to wait in long lines.

* A better option would be to visit the Rockefeller Center observatory. Timed ticketing ensures less crowds, so you can still see New York’s famous buildings from here while you save on time.

* While you’re here, you can consider taking a guided tour of the NBC Studios or the Radio City Music Hall. Another option is the art tour of the Rockefeller Center.

* In winter you can go ice skating at the rink here. It first opened in 1936. A hundred and fifty ice skaters can be accommodated here at a time.

* Madame Tussauds is a popular destination for families. Wax figurines of celebrities and historical figures here are extremely realistic. You are encouraged to touch them, and take pictures.

* Shopping enthusiasts can visit Fifth Avenue stores like Tiffany’s. High end department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales are also worth a visit.

* The Grand Central Terminal first opened in 1913. Its main concourse has an illustrated cathedral ceiling in blue and green. An astronomical mural, with some of the stars illuminated with fiber optics, is one of the chief attractions in New York City.

* Central Park consists of 843 acres of green. By area, it is six per cent of Manhattan Island. A quarter of a million people visit it every year.

What to do in New York City is a question best answered by you. Depending on your interests, choose the attractions you would like to visit. The Rockefeller Center has art, architecture, shopping, and dining options so you can spend many hours fruitfully here on your vacation!

Are you wondering what to do in New York City? Visit Rockefeller Center the most famous place to visit in New York.

What To Do In New York City?

This is one question that ardent travelers will not ask for sure! This is one place that does not have any dearth of options for tourists. Art galleries, museums, restaurants, discos, bars, shopping malls – the choices are just endless. No wonder that the Big Apple registered a record 48.7 million visitors in 2010. The average rate of rooms amounted to about 330 dollars.

If you are thinking of taking a break from work and enjoying yourself, then New York is the perfect place for you. You can relax and go for long walks, shop, eat or party the night away. This place has got so many attractions that no one will complain of getting bored.

When you are confronted with the question, “What to do in New York City?” there is no shortage of tourist spots for you to visit. Among them, the Rockefeller Center is one of the most frequented landmarks of this city. The prime attraction of this place is the Observation deck that is located right at the top. This tour is called “The Top of the Rock.” Visitors have claimed that a sunrise and sunset looks splendid when it is viewed from this deck.

You can also become a member of the “Top of the Rock” loyalty program as it will entitle you to the following benefits:

* A special discount on all purchases at the “Top of the Rock” shop.

* An MP3 player with a Top of the Rock podcast.

* A one-time view finder map and a Kodak photo.

* Unlimited number of visits for an adult. If you wish to take guests, then you will be offered a 50% rebate on guest passes (for two guests per visit).

* You will be kept regularly updated about any event that is happening there and will be given a special discount on admission tickets.

* Last but not the least; you get free admission to the complete tour of the Rockefeller Center.

If you are looking for more information about what to do in New York City, then just visit Each and every detail of the tour is listed there and all you need to do is just give them a call and book your place. Make sure that you book the tickets well in advance as this is a popular tour and you might not get admission due to unavailability of seats.

Are you planning to go New York and wondering what to do in New York City? Then, Visit, you will find informative tips and ideas and great information about New York City.

What To Do In New York City

What are the things to do in New York City?

A trip to Times Square:

A major commercial center in the heart of Manhattan, Times Square is the pulsating, neon-lit heart of Manhattan, New York. If you are looking for free entertainment in NYC, you can find it in plenty in the Times Square. It is the New Yorker’s favorite spot on the New Year’s Eve. It’s not just the place for theatre and the performing arts. Over the course of time, many offices, commercial businesses and theme restaurants have come up in the Square. As they say, you can’t say that you’ve been to NYC unless you’ve experienced the madness in Times Square!

The Rockefeller Center:

The Rockefeller Center has international appeal and continues to be one of the most popular destinations for locals as well as tourists. The Center is home to some stunning architecture. It houses a fabulous Christmas Tree, the NBC studios and a skating rink. The addition of the Top of the Rock observation deck has upped the appeal of the Rockefeller Center. The deck sits serenely on the 70th floor and offers stunning views of all the major landmarks in New York. You can easily spend a day soaking in the sights and the experiences. In the evening, let the shimmering sunlight transport you to the beauty of New York City by night. There’s no place like it in the rest of NYC!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

Situated right across the road from the Rockefeller Center, the massive St Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest Catholic Cathedral in the US. The Cathedral is iconic and an architectural wonder in itself with spires that soar to 330 feet. The construction of the Church took more than 25 years. The interior of the Church is decorated with stained glass, many altars and a giant organ. In the hectic lives of New Yorkers, this Church offers a moment of bliss and peace.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

No visit to New York is complete if one does not stop at some of the museums. The most prominent among these is probably the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With over 1.5 million square feet to cover, the museum houses many famous works of Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Vermeer. If the weather is gloriously warm, one can catch contemporary sculpture in the open air roof gardens.

The Statue of Liberty:

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Of course, you did! No visit to the Big Apple could be over without a glimpse of the great lady, up close and personal. The boat ride to the island is particularly fascinating. The legendary lady with the book and torch in her hands is a sight to behold. So, don’t miss your date with the lovely one!

Check out to know more about New York Tourism.