Getting Rid of Acne – 10 Important Things to Avoid Doing to Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and therefore it deserves to be treated with some respect and kindness. When you look after you skin, your skin looks after you.

1. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze your zits or pimples – by avoiding these temptations you will reduce the spread by not making them any worse, they will heal that much quicker and you will have less scaring.

2. Sunbed tanning – this has now been proven to cause significant skin damage, as you are actually burning your skin causing premature aging and skin cancers.

3. Smoking – I guess that’s self explanatory. We all know the harmful effects caused from smoking, like lung cancer, heart disease to name a few, and smoking also makes you look older. That’s because the nicotine in the cigarette smoke causes the blood vessels and capillaries in the skin to shrink. This deprives the skin of much needed oxygen needed to circulate and maintain healthy skin cells.

4. Overdosing on Vitamin A – you may have been told that taking vitamin A will help cure your acne, but what you need to be aware of is, that when you body takes on too much Vitamin A, it will store the remainder in your liver, eventually causing you major health problems. The best and safest way to get Vitamin A, is from eating vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots, or you can take a beta carotene vitamin A supplement that’s in a much milder form.

5. Check before using a Perilous peel or even Dermabrasion – If you have a dark complexion you may experience streaking or uneven pigmentation, with a possibility of scaring. Best thing to do is get a second or even third opinion to make sure. Make sure you do your own research.

6. Rosacea treatments – when purchasing over the counter medications, make sure you actually have rosacea, before purchasing any prescription drugs, as you could end up making your skin worse.

7. Over using Topical Steroids – If you are suffering from a mild rash or itch, and you decide to go to your local store and buy an over the counter product, like a cortisone cream or ointment. It’s perfectly OK to use the product for a couple of days, but be mindful of using it on a regular day to day basis, as you will potentially thin your skin.

8. Four-In-One Shaving Razor Blades – for those with acne or even sensitive skin, by using these kinds of shavers you may cause your skin to be even more irritated and sore, from having such a close shave. If possible stick to the single blade for both safety and your acne will thank you for it.

9. Be cautious with products you don’t know – when purchasing treatments that claim to cure your acne, make sure you know what ingredients are in them. Some herbal medications can actually make certain skin inflammations worse, especially if you have an allergic reaction. So definitely err on the side of caution.

10. Spend less time in front of the mirror – when you are suffering from acne or any skin problem, your main concern will be how you look. But if you start obsessing about how you look, you may forget about all the other great things you already have. Best advice – Stay away from the mirror while you undertake your acne treatment, and let your skin get on with the job at hand – getting rid of the acne!

Just because acne is common, doesn’t mean that you need to suffer needlessly, and that there isn’t anything that you can do about getting rid of acne. You certainly don’t need to wait until it decides to go away by its self before you decide to take action. There is a great remedy available that will help you get rid of acne.

Looking Into the Interior of Things

Rarely today do we meet with real timeless practical wisdom of the ages. This is why I love the sage, Balthasar Gracian, and why I so love to pull his wizardry apart piece by piece to put it back together.

This is what he says toward guarding judgment until the appropriate time:

“Lies always come first, dragging fools along by their irreparable vulgarity. Truth always lags last, limping along on the arm of Time. The wise therefore reserve for it the other half of that power which the common mother has wisely given in duplicate. Deceit is very superficial, and the superficial therefore easily fall into it. Prudence lives retired within its recesses, visited only by sages and wise men.”

The following may be drawn from this saying:

We don’t always judge things correctly first time around.

The truth is often not presented first up. People have many motives for misrepresenting the truth besides being plain wrong. Non-truth can be promoted via slips, lapses, mistakes and violations–all common to ‘human error.’

Truth may ‘limp along’ finally in last position, but it always comes, eventually. It is therefore the safest position to be on i.e. the side of truth, when it arrives/is revealed.

Patience is required in extracting benefit from truth.

The ‘common mother,’ or our innate natures, has provided for our ability to wait on the truth. But first we must stop or control our desires.

Like attracts like. The superficial seek out the superficial. If we’re adept at looking deeply into things i.e. into their interior, seeing the fine print, we’ll not often stop at the superficial, initial presentation of ‘fact.’
And the final sentence sheds light on where we need to be.

The prudent live not only aware of the presence of deceit, they live in ‘its recesses,’ being part of the lattice of deceit but very much apart from it. They do this because they know they can’t escape deceit; it’s inevitable in this world. So they gird themselves in it to protect themselves from it. And from this standpoint they can simultaneously be as cunning as a snake but as pure as a dove (Matthew 10:16).

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Steve Wickham is a registered safety practitioner (BSc, MSIA, RSP) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). He also has training and leadership Diplomas. His passion in vocation is facilitation and coaching; encouraging people to soar to a higher value of their potential. Steve’s key passion is work / life balance and re-creating value for living, and an exploration of the person within us.

Do the Right Things and the Right Things Will Happen

You are not an accident. You are looking through the only peep hole available to you into the appearance of life. You can see others looking through their peep holes of their life but they can not see out of yours or you theirs. Life is the result of from wherever you are to seeking greater freedom and joy, it’s the desire to expand into better feelings experiences.

Though you may be strongly influenced by it, once a thing crystallizes into the appearance of reality, this does not make it the law. It does not tell you the limits of what is possible. A crystallized reality was energy first. And working with the energies in the about to be is evidence as one’s way of being in life. We say a person is acting as though he does not care or that a person is acting as if he is going to fail. These are ‘ways of being’. Yes we see what a person does and that is how we can anticipate what is likely to occur.

One can get good at anticipating which ballplayers will succeed and which will not and even which are likely to transform their way of being from one to the other. Actions communicate a way of being, he’s kind, he’s uncaring, and she’s lacking confidence. It shows in your ‘way of being’. If you act as though you are limited you are stirring the energy that precedes what crystallizes into the occurring of life. There is no accident in whatever the outcome.

Do the right things and the right things will happen. This is by far the most practical way of being that anyone can live by because it is all inclusive. Inherently we know what the right action to take is; we have simply lost sight of where to look. How do you know if you are doing the right thing?

People will always ask what the ‘right’ thing is. Think of it this way, the act of doing, the understanding of the right thing to do is secondary. The right thing to do is a ‘way of being’ and precedes all of the physical appearances of life. A way of being is maneuvering energy, is evoking energy, or building the most beneficial energies necessary for the experiences you are intending and it is the result of a willingness to ‘do the right thing’.

It doesn’t matter if what you did appears to have not worked; the question is what you will do next. This indicates what you are looking for, and if you are looking for what produces better feelings, then you are doing what works. In the beginning it may appear rough going, like learning to walk, but you know that really didn’t take long. When you discover something that works you don’t for get it, it becomes very natural to you. In this place you can never do another harm, you never diminish yourself, or anyone or any thing for that matter. You are a beacon for life and joy.

If you are living as though there is not going to be enough, what is the energy field you are brewing, or attracting, or amassing? This will be the energy that precedes what?

Life expands following a path of least resistance, it seek better feeling. This is where there is freedom to be, do and have what you desire. You desire to stand and you do, you desire to eat and you do, you desire to look out the window and you do.

Doing the right thing is simply to keep reaching for better feeling thoughts and actions until you know no other way of being. When you find your self in ecstasy and total happiness, in joy and bliss and ecstasy long enough you will see crystallized into your reality that which has been waiting to emerge for a long, long time.

But you don’t have to wait to begin seeing the evidence that things are turning in your favor. You will notice it once you begin trusting that who you are is not your past, your beliefs and assumptions about who you are, about what ‘they’ told you was true. No matter where you are at in any moment, you can lean in a direction that evokes a little more joy. Read how you feel; if it feels good do it, if doesn’t, choose something that does.

The first thing to know is that you can know if it’s the right thing by how you feel. You can become more sensitive to the fine tunes of vibrating emotions such that you can distinguish between even the slightest differences.

What is absolute in pointing yourself in the right direction? Here are a few things you can rely on when you are lost. Stop to give thanks and appreciation for all that you can. Look for the things you are grateful for. Note the things you like about another. The willingness to do this clarifies your intention to do the right thing.

Every teacher, every business person, everyone seeking a wonderful relationship would do well by spending some time to uncover what motivates his or her thoughts and actions. Seeking more joy can change your life forever.

If you understand about the power of directing your emotions in a particular kind of way, I invite you to visit and learn about the iCap.

Three Important Things You Can Do to Reduce the Risk of Getting Babesiosis

In order to reduce the risk of Babesiosis infection, you must utilize proper precautions when going outdoors, don’t get near tick-infested areas, and check and ensure that there are no ticks adhering to your skin.

An infection caused by a parasite that is transmitted to a human body through a tick bite is called Babesiosis or Babesia. Babesia microti and Babesia divergens protozoa are responsible for this condition, and can further complicate matters for those with already existing medical conditions. Use these pointers if you don’t want to get infected with Babesiosis:

Avoid areas where ticks thrive

Babesiosis is carried by ticks, particularly deer ticks. The greatest precaution you can take to reduce the chances of getting this disease is simply to avoid areas of high concentrations of ticks. You must also keep in mind that from late spring to early autumn, grassy or wooded places are especially hospitable for ticks.

Exercise due caution when out in the outdoors

As cases of Babesiosis infection happens very rarely, there is no point in avoiding outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Abiding by the extra outdoor precautions provided, you can eliminate undesirable tick bites.

* Make certain that your body is well-covered to safeguard your skin from ticks. Dress in appropriate clothing that covers you from head to foot such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, boots, and so on. Tie back or tuck in your long hair so ticks will not get in it. It is also recommended to tuck your pant legs inside your socks to prevent ticks from crawling inside the lower part of your body. Wearing light-colored clothes are also ideal to easily find where ticks have stuck.

* Apply repellents onto your skin and clothes to effectively keep ticks away. Ticks can be warded off by applying DEET repellents to both clothing and skin. Permerthrin products can also be used to repel and actually kill ticks that get attached to your clothes and shoes. However, do not use this treatment directly onto your skin. Before using these products, make sure you carefully read the application.

*Check for ticks on your clothes from time to time while outdoor to stop them from crawling and getting to your skin.

Make certain that no tick remains attached to your body for a day or more

In order for Babesiosis to be transmitted to a human, the tick must be attached to the skin for between twenty-four and thirty-six hours. It is of utmost importance that one checks their body thoroughly after participating in any outdoor activity, most preferably by utilizing a full length mirror. Immediately take a shower, washing thoroughly every part, especially at the back of your neck and ears, hair and scalp, underarms, belly button, back, legs, the back of your knees, and in between your toes. To prevent being infected with Babesiosis, be sure to remove ticks from your skin as soon as they are found.

The number of Babesiosis or Babesia infections does not usually amount to a major outbreak, but this infection can be very dangerous to any individual who contracts it, especially if not detected and treated in time. The best way to prevent the disease is to take adequate measures to protect yourself from being infected.

For more information on Babesiosis or Babesia, please check out

Things I Have Learnt About Being Freelance

Quitting your job and not moving to a new one is a big decision. There is a lot that you must do to ensure that you can make a living not just in the first few months but years down the line. I did look for another job before I left my last job, but when I didn’t find one that I wanted I thought that I was not going to let me stay in a job where I was paid less then everyone else but did more training and of harder courses. So I put my letter in and learnt a lot in the last 9 years.

Don’t let someone else set your rates. In the training industry we have a lot of trainer resource companies who keep a list of trainers and supply companies. They set rates, and when times are tough, they lower rates as much as they can to keep the clients coming to them which means we get paid less. When times are good, rates do not return to what they were unless the trainer sets the rate. This is probably true with other types of freelance. Treat your prices not like in a shop but more like a market, start higher then you will take but know what the lowest you will accept is.
You are a brand. I have heard lots about this over the years, most confusing because I am not marketing or PR but a trainer, who when she is training, can’t really do anything else. Not true. It has taken me a long time, a lot of books and tons of time spent by friends in PR and marketing to teach me that you can do a lot for a personal brand in the social media age. Articles and blogs are one way, and they are static, so people can go back and read items you wrote years ago. Twitter is another tool, you get to know people, give some of your knowledge away and people will come back as clients. With all this though, quality is key, the old (ok very old) saying of Garbage In, Garbage Out (the GIGO effect) is true. You have to give out quality, and over a long time. One article and a couple of tweets does not make an empire!
Find a niche. As with number 2 there are a lot of books on this one, my favourite being “Book yourself Solid” by Michael Port. It took a friend and business Mentor to tell me I was targeting 2 areas and should separate my business. I thought as a software trainer targeting anyone with a computer would be a niche market, no. Targeting one industry, an area (such as Statistics in Excel) is niche, then if they ask if you can also train… you can answer yes.
Save. This is difficult if you are not earning a lot, but I find that there are times I earn a large amount, I save everything I can and still live normally, then I have something for the future. If you don’t earn enough to save, it may be time to talk with a business mentor.
Get a mentor. I have only just recently done this and wish I had years ago. If you don’t know one the Institute for Independent Business, as well as other organisations have business mentors who can advise you on building your business to earn enough to do more then survive. It does cost money, but a good mentor can help you get grants, funding, point you in the right direction to services that are economical. Economical does not mean free but have a greater return rate then throwing your money when you are not sure it will work.

These are just a few things that I have learnt over the last few years. All I wish I was told before I quit my job, my freelance business would be more profitable and with a lot less stress!

Katherine Davison

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Eating Disorders – Five Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Child Beat Anorexia

When you are helping your child beat anorexia, there are definitely things you will want to do and some you will not. Let me tell you some things you can do to have a huge impact on your daughter’s recovery and will make life a lot easier for all of you.

1. Involve your child in things unrelated to the eating disorder and keep doing things you have always done, even if her interest has waned a bit because of the obsession with food and weight. She needs to see there is life outside of the eating disorder and you need that reminder too.

2. Help distract her at meal time by making it as enjoyable as possible. Talk about your day, especially anything funny or positive and include the whole family. Siblings have great stories to tell and are always good for a quick laugh!

3. If your daughter doesn’t have a passion for something, this is a great time to explore. Expressive activities like art, music, and dance are great. If her interests are too limited, like on sports, or exercise that contribute to weight loss, help her explore other things. You can also get the family involved in a worthy cause, because it is a good way to get the focus off her and the eating disorder and onto the fact that others have problems too.

4. When the issue comes up, show her you understand that the eating disorder is something the whole family has to deal with and you all need help. When she sees you don’t perceive her as the problem child, her guilt will decrease and this will help her in her recovery. There is a fine line here, however. Remember she is very self-focused right now so if she becomes defensive and responds it is her problem, respect that also. The reality is she does not know what is true right now.

5. When you do have to talk about food, stay calm and firm. Your fear for your daughter’s health can result in your emotional fuse being shorter. It helps to interact from a place of strength instead of anxiety and helplessness. You are the parent, and it is okay for you to act as if you are not afraid, even when you are. She needs to see you are stronger than the eating disorder, because right now she believes the eating disorder has all the power.

If you would like coaching on how to help your son or daughter with an eating disorder, send an e-mail to Lynnsong (at) (replace the at with the at sign, just like normal email addresses. I’m trying to thwart the spammers).