Top 10 Things to Do in San Francisco Vacation

It does not matter if you are from the south or from the north, you will surely enjoy a vacation in this marvelous city located on the bay of the California state. It is not the most popular city there as Los Angeles occupied this rank year ago but, if you really want to enjoy the southern essence blended with contemporary art and architecture then you must visit San Francisco. Also, if you like to see the best of California without much ado and traffic then discard LA and choose a San Francisco travel.

When you travel to San Francisco, you need to plan your visit well as there are several things you must see and visit before you leave the city and head for your home town. Let me walk you through some major landmarks that you have to visit before you go.

Alcatraz prison
This is one of the most popular spots in San Francisco, visitors are streaming all the year long as the weather never goes wrong here, most of the time it is sunny here. Alcatraz was the harshest prison in the United States; nowadays it is just a memory to see. There are guided tours there where you can experience prisoners’ cells and take a look at the place.

The Water Front
Take the ferry back to the land and enjoy the water front with its numerous shops, restaurants and street performers. There are plenty of restaurants from different cuisines in the area where you can have a full meal or just a snack while overlooking the water.

The Golden Gate Bridge
This is one of the must – see tourist places of San Francisco, your San Francisco travel cannot be completed unless you visit this historic bridge. You can find parking areas there along with toilets and restaurants. There is some Gift shops in the area, grabbing some souvenirs from these shops would be a good idea.

Union Park
If you want to enjoy a green lush then union square would be a great option for you, it is located near the cable care line and on top of underground car park. The perimeter is stuffed with high end shops and hotels. Consider strolling in this area and take a peak on the shop windows.

San Francisco Cable Car
The moving landmark of San Francisco, the cable car ride is very interesting especially if you have your kids travelling with you. The cable cars and the cable cars museum are joyful places to visit.

This was built by Americans according to their i9dea about how the Chinese architectures look alike. The real chinatown appears in the small alleys and streets deep inside chinatown. Overall, it is a very nice place to spend an evening where you will be able to experience a blend between the Chinese charming atmosphere and South American hospitality.

Lombard Street
One of the most popular Twisted roads in San Francisco, it would be a nice end for your Cable car trip while you Travel San Francisco. Get off on Hyde and Lombard station and stroll down the street.

This is another escape near the San Francisco bay. Get back to the water front and take the ferry to Sausalito where you will be able to look at San Francisco from the sea. Do not forget to sip a glass of famous California orange while you are there. When you get back to the main land, get your mean in the Cliff house located on the high hill overlooking the water. This building was first established in the early 1800s and was renovated 3 times since then.

Coit Tower
Another place to get a look of the city but from a bird’s eye, take the elevator to the upper floor of the famous Coit tower and look at the bay area with the city simultaneously. It is located on the telegraph hill. It is a breath taking experience and you will love the feel of cool air blowing through your hair with picturesque sight available.

The North Coast
This is a unique blend of Italian and Chinese cultures in one place. Here you will be able to experience the Old Italian food in its best way. The family – run restaurants and the expensive ones are found side by side in this area. You can enjoy the good range of Italian food here.

San Francisco Travel at night and you will experience a totally different view of the city, the lights add a lot to the scenes and the night life is as busy as the day. I hope that these San Francisco travel tips would help you during your San Francisco travel.

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Fun and Free Things to Do When Visiting Marina Del Rey

Whether you’re looking for fun on land or water, you’ll find it in Marina del Rey. Located west of Los Angeles, California, along the Pacific Coast, this beautiful area has plenty to offer. This article looks at the many events and free things to do in this exciting locale.

The Great Outdoors

Head over to Marina del Rey Boat Rentals if you’d like to hit the water. You can rent a kayak, sailboat, or powerboat here to launch off a California beach by the hour or half or full day. If you aren’t interested in being the captain of your own vessel, The UCLA Marine Aquatic Center provides sunset paddle rides, kayak rides, marine life kayak tours, and bird watching kayak tours. If fishing is your passion, Marina del Rey Sportsfishing provides morning and evening fishing tours that will put you in the prime spot to catch yellowtail bass, sea bass, and halibut.

You can get a ticket for a high-speed catamaran ride to Catalina Island for a day at the Catalina-Marina del Rey Flyer. For a romantic experience in the great outdoors, take your sweetie on a romantic 32-foot Italian gondola ride off California beach shores at Gondola D’Amore.

Unique Shopping

Within a short distance away from this gorgeous destination, you’ll find unique boutiques and stores. Villa Marina Marketplace, the largest shopping center in the area, has over 60 stores, restaurants, and movie theaters and hosts several special events throughout the year. With live music while weekend shopping, Waterside at Marina del Rey offers spectacular shops featuring jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Festival boutiques that sit along the boardwalk of Venice Beach, which is a California beach near Marina del Rey, offer an exceptional experience. In addition to incredible boutiques, you’ll find lots of street vendors at Venice Beach selling everything from souvenirs to one of a kind art pieces. There are plenty of free things to do at Venice Beach, including bringing your dog for a walk, rollerblading, watching street artists perform, and listening to live music. If you visit at the right time, you might even enjoy a festival or other special events in this area.

Check out Main Street in Marina del Rey for surf clothing, distinctive jewelry, funny hats, and incredible artwork. With many free things to do, including people watching, you’ll enjoy a trip to Main Street.

Delicious Dining

If you’d like a more relaxed dinner experience, check out Tony P’s Dockside Grill & Tavern. With big screen televisions set to sports channels, you can sit back to enjoy a beer and a game between your favorite team and its biggest rival. For a more upscale meal, choose Glow, popular for its live music and outdoor eating areas. The Warehouse Restaurant near the harbor offers an exotic menu along with live music and salsa dance lesson on Friday nights. You’ll find live jazz music on Saturday nights.

Whether you’re interested in a festival, special events, shopping, dining, or some time in the great outdoors, you’ll find it all in this amazing vacation destination, including plenty of free things to do.

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7 Great Things For Couples to Do in Malaga

1. Take in a walking tour of Malaga. A trip to the historic quarter will enable you both to enjoy visiting the most important historic buildings in the city. If you take in the following streets and squares you will come across the most important sights to see in Malaga: Calle Larios, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza del Obispo, Calle Molina Lario, Calle Cister and Calle Alcantarilla.

2. Take a trip to the Beach and Sea! If you don’t feel like walking and prefer a relaxing day on the beach, remember that the best beaches near the city are El Candado beach, El Palo Beach, Las Acacias Beach. What could be better than a romantic stroll down the sandy beaches at night! There are plenty of water sports and boat trips to enjoy should the temptation arise!

3. Visit the Palaces and Castles of Malaga. What could be more enjoyable that a visit to the remains of Spain’s colonial and regal heritage? A visit to La Alcazaba the palace for the Nazarite kings will enable you to see the remains of a wonderful Roman theatre in the entrance to the castle. La Alcazaba was built by the Moors in the 11th century. If you take in a trip to Gibralfaro Castle you will get spectacular views of Malaga and the sea from this stunning location.

You could also enjoy romantic strolls around the Palace Marques de Valdeflores, and also the Bishops and Customs Palace. The Town Hall is a modern building and well worth checking out too. Actually, one of the more impressive attractions in Malaga was a place well frequented by royalty in the past – The Malaga Bullfighting Ring. It is perched on a hilltop, well above the shoreline. The impressive ring dates from 1874 and there are regular shows for the capacity crowd which is around 15,000 people.

4. Discover the beauty of Malaga’s Cathedrals and Churches. Malaga boasts some wonderful cathedrals, that are well worth exploring together, for the beauty of the architecture! Following the Christian conquest of the city in 1489, there began a huge construction of churches in the city. The construction of the main Malaga Cathedral began in 1528, and was built on the top of the former mosque in the city. If stunning architecture is your thing, then the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles will astound you.

Other places of worship that have a stunning beauty about them include Sagrario Church, which is positioned between the Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, and Santiago Church, which is where the renowned artist Pablo Picasso was baptized. Which leads us on to…

5. Take in the Picasso Tour of Malaga. Legendary artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881, and no visit to the city is complete with a visit to the Picasso Foundation (Fundación Picasso), which is located in the historic quarter. This 5 level building is a haven for art lovers, and features plenty of works by the artist, together with regular exhibitions of his major works. Picasso’s family lived on the actual second tier of the building.

Take in also a trip to the Museo Picasso, which is close to the birthplace of the artist and has many family portraits on display.

6. Enjoy Golfing in Malaga. If you both are golf lovers, then Malaga is a must destination! There are plenty of outdoor activities to do on the Costa del Sol, ranging from beach sports to water sports, but the jewel in the crown of Malaga is its impressive golf courses.

There are over 50 golf courses estimated in the Costa del Sol region, the most popular being the famous Valderrama and San Roque courses for the experienced golfer. There are plenty of courses for less experienced golfers, but all in the region offer wonderful playing surfaces and stunning surroundings.

7. Take a trip to Antigua Casa de Guardia and enjoy some fine Malaga Wine! The oldest wine tavern in Malaga affords visitors the chance to sample some delicious wine that is stored in oak caskets in a 19th century themed wine bar. Founded in 1840, the winery is located in the village of Olias, which is to the north of the El Palo neighbourhood of Malaga. Malaga is also home to some wonderful eateries, and the specialty food in the region is “Pescaito Frito” which translates as small, fried fish!

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Top 10 Things For Kids to Do in Malaga

1. Visit Tivoli World Malaga. Tivoli World is regarded as being the most popular attraction in Malaga for children. Basically it is a theme park that includes wonderful rides and event shows that occur daily. Many of the rides are for toddlers and infants, so families with very small children can also enjoy this wonderful place. For the older kids, and the adults who are young at heart, the Wild West and Flamenco dancing shows are just what the doctor ordered when searching for some fabulous entertainment! Located a 25-minute drive south of Malaga on the A7, a visit here is well worth it!

2. Leisure Parks and Playgrounds: Malaga has plenty of leisure parks and playgrounds that the children will enjoy – for example Gonbolandia, which is located on Avenida Simon Bolivar and the Magic Park in the City Centre are two well known parks that the children can spend some fun time so you don’t even have to leave the city!

3. Visit the fabulous beaches of Malaga. Obviously, Malaga’s beaches are its premier attraction. The most popular beaches near the city are El Candado beach, El Palo Beach, Las Acacias Beach. Located close to the city centre, El Candado is a beach that is very popular with families and has plenty of family facilities and watersports to enjoy.

4. Have a Splash at a Waterpark! Take a trip to Aqualand Torremolinos which is the biggest waterpark in the Costa del Sol! Located at Calle Cuba 10, and open from May to September each year, this is a place which the kids will absolutely adore. They will be splashing from dawn to dusk here!

For the more adventurous, they can try the exciting Boomerang and Kamikaze rides. Open from Monday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm, the Aqualand is truly a wonderful and safe place for the kids to enjoy! Aqualand is a 20-minute drive south on the A7 from Malaga.

5. Visit the Maritime Museum Museo-Acuario-Aula del Mar Malaga. At this maritime museum, you will find out all there is to know about the marine life in Malaga. A fun day out for the kids and adults alike, this museum has been open since 1990. There is a rich marine life in the Costa del Sol waters, and the kids will love the exhibition displays on sailing and marine flora and fauna. There is a centre here for threatened marine life so the kids will be fascinated to see wounded sea turtles or fish being nursed back to health!

6. Go to the Zoo! Enjoy a day at Fuengirola Zoo. Located approximately 34km and just over a half-hour drive from Malaga is the wonderful Fuengirola Zoo. A visit to Fuengirola gives your family a wonderful opportunity to see all the exotic animals that live there, and entertaining them through the antics of the animals!

7. Visit the Dolphinarium. Selwo Marina Benalmadena is located approximately 20km from Malaga along the A7 and is a place well worth bringing in the kids to. It is the very first dolphin marina in the whole Costa del Sol region of Andalucia – the sights of dolphins, penguins, sea lions and other marine life will fascinate the kids! Current entrance prices are €16.50 for adults, Kids aged 3-7 years pay €12.20 and kids under 3 are free. The Selwo Marina is open daily from 10am.

8. Go Crocodile Hunting! The Crocodile Park Torremolinos is another short 20 minute drive on the A7 from Malaga, so leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and take the kids to enjoy a fascinating experience! The Crocodile Park holds around 300 of the animals, and if you are brave, you can take the chance to even hold one!

The guided tours, show and visit to the baby nursery are part of the admission price. There is a small zoo there, along with childrens playground and café area. Admission ranges from €11.00 for adults, €8.50 for kids 4-12 and kids under 4 enter for free. The Park is open from March to September, usually from 10am to 18.00pm.

9. El Refugio del Burrito – The Donkey Sanctuary. This is located around 40 minutes to the north of Malaga on the A92. Follow the Seville road signs and take the exit at junction 132, heading for the Fuenta de Piedra Lakes. This wonderful setting, located close to the Flamingo Lake, is a safe place for many donkeys and mules that were horribly treated but have been rescued and are now thriving.

10. Visit Malaga’s Museums. It is estimated that there are close to 20 museums in Malaga, and many are dedicated to the memory of esteemed artist Pablo Picasso. For the older children, a visit to the Pablo Picasso Museum which is located in the Buenavista 16th century Palace – you can see 155 works by Pablo Picasso. “La Malagueta” Bullfighting Museum which is located in the Plaza de Toros’ is dedicated to the world of bullfighting and is a fascinating visit!

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Discover a Wealth of Things to Do in Cheltenham

Cheltenham Spa is a picturesque town in the heart of the Cotswolds. Cheltenam is easily accessible by car (M5 and A40) or by train (trains running to Bristol and the South West, Cardiff and the rest of Wales, Birmingham and the Midlands and North, and London and the South East). Whether you are visiting Cheltenham as a couple, as a family, or on your own discover what Cheltenham has to offer!

Pitville Pump Room

Pitville Pump Room is one of the best examples of regency architecture in Cheltenham. Originally built to pump the pure spring waters up out of the ground, it is what puts ‘Spa’ into Cheltenham Spa. It no longer pumps water up, however it is used for many high class functions such as jazz and classical concerts. Around the Pump Rooms are beautiful gardens containing lakes that you can hire a boat on in the summer months!

Cheltenham Racecourse

Cheltenham Racecourse is home to national hunt racing. The most famous set of races are the Gold Cup Festival races, where thousands of people come from all over the world to see the horses race. Outside of the race season, Cheltenham Racecourse is home to events such as the Wychwood Festival.

Holst Birthplace Museum

The Holst Birthplace museum was built to celebrate the life of the famous composer Gustav Holst. The museum gives an insight into the life of Gustav Holst (1874 to 1934), and an insight into Victorian era life.

Cheltenham Art Gallery

Cheltenham Art Gallery has a collection of art and crafts that are world renowned. Their collection includes paintings, and artefacts that give insights into the history of Cheltenham town.

Cheltenham Festivals

Cheltenham hosts many festivals, including: The Wychwood festival (family friendly music festival of mixed genres), Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Literature Festival, The Greenbelt Music Festival, and many others.

Imperial Square

The Imperial Square is in the centre of Cheltenham town. It is encirled by The Promenade. Imperial square is home to thousands of plants and flowers and is a very beautiful place to walk around.

Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Just outside Cheltenham, Prescott Hill Climb is a great motor racing venue. Prescott Hill Climb is host to many classic car and bike weekends. If you are a car enthusiast, this is a must visit!

Nature in Art

The Nature in Art museum is home to all kinds of art inspired by nature. They feature artists working away on their creations as well, so you can meet artisits inspired by nature!

Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle was built in the 10th century AD. Henry VIII’s sixth wife Catherine Parr lived there for some time and is buried in the grounds. The castle is well preserved, and has fantastic gardens to walk around. Sudeley castle is a short drive away from Cheltenham.

Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle is another good castle to visit. Out near Gloucester it is also a short drive away.

Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa is set in a wooded Cotswold Combe. The site was uncovered in 1864. It includes two bath houses, shrines, and many fine mosaics.

Park House Toy and Collectors Museum

Park House Toy and Collectors Museum has one of the best private toy collections in the world spanning many eras. It is located in Gloucester a short drive from Cheltenham.

For more information about things to do in Cheltenham, or to book hotels cheltenham visit the HIEX site.

How Do I Find Things to Sell at Flea Markets?

The products you choose to sell at flea markets will determine how much you make. This article looks at how to select the best products to sell at flea markets that give you the best chance at good earnings.

How’s The Competition?

Before you take on any product, we suggest you go to the flea markets you intend to sell at and check out the competition. Even the best product will not sell well if there are a lot of other vendors with the same product. And prices will fall if too many vendors have trouble selling the product. It takes a bit of time but it will save money later on.

Does It Display Well?

Some products display better than others. Jewelry looks great with lights making it twinkle. A big pile of T-shirts can look good when you open but can look messy in just a few minutes. Display sells. We suggest products that display well.

Does It Require Trust?

Some products do not do well at flea markets because they require a level of trust you cannot earn at flea markets. The public knows you can be gone tomorrow and that you have no actual store or a sure way to contact you. For that reason, products that require product support, installation help, warranties etc may not sell as well at flea markets.

Can You Demonstrate It?

The big earners at flea markets all do demonstrations. Good demonstrations attract a crowd and raise their buying interest higher than just walking by a booth can never do. If you want to make big money, we suggest product that can be demonstrated.

Are There Size & Color Problems Or Carrying Problems?

Some products come with problems. Is it too big or too heavy to walk around with? That will cost sales. Is it too easy to steal from your display? Is it sharp or dangerous? Do people need to try it on? Is size and color important? These are all draw backs to products.

Is It Part Of Your Theme?

Your booth may confuse people if it has too many different kind of products. For example, if your booth is all electronic gadgets, you become known as the place to go for gadgets. If you add skin cream and vitamins, they don’t fit your theme. Try to carry products that compliment each other. This helps with cross selling and up selling as well and that can increase sales dramatically.

Choose carefully and try small quantities until you have a winner. “Buy smart, sell smart” is the way to success.

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