Things to Do From Westminster to Tower Bridge

The south bank of the river from Westminster to Tower Bridge can claim to be one of the capital’s great success stories. Previously, this region was an area of wharves and factories which was much damaged by bombing during World War II. Currently, it is valued as an important part of London’s river frontage. The area is usually crowded during afternoons and evening. Some of the highlights here are described below.

The County Hall housed the London Aquarium, art galleries and a leisure complex. The London Aquarium is one of Europe’s largest aquariums and has about 350 species from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The displays are arranged based on their geographical origin. There is a touch pool with large stingrays in it and the children have the chance of stroking a stingray.

The London Eye is the world’s largest observation wheel. Since its erection in 2000, it has become the city’s most popular landmarks. With thirty two capsules, each holding about 25 passengers, the London Eye provides its passengers a wonderful view of London. It is about 135m high and the whole ride takes about 230 minutes. As the wheel moves very slowly, you can have plenty of time identifying the sights as it moves along. Each capsule has plenty of space for passengers to walk about comfortably. Taking a ride in this wheel has proved to be a wonderful experience for many. In fact, many people regarded this attraction as a symbol of London.

The Florence Nightingale Museum is located near the entrance of the new St Thomas Hospital. This museum gives a wonderful insight of Florence Nightingale’s career and life history. Florence Nightingale, who nursed the wounded soldiers of the Crimea War (1853-56), also founded Britain’s first school of nursing at the Old St Thomas’ Hospital. The displays in the museum include her original documents and personal memorabilia. The famous lamp that earned her the nickname ‘the Lady of the Lamp’ is on display.

The Royal National Theater was opened in 1976 and has three auditoriums. This theater holds interesting plays from classics to modern ones. There are back stage tours available which provides insights of the working world of actors, lighting technicians and stage managers. There are sometimes free evening concerts in the foyer.

The Museum of Garden History, which is housed in the restored church of St. Mary of Lambeth Palace, is the world’s first museum of garden history. This museum showcases the history of gardening in Britain. It also holds exhibitions, events, workshops and educational talks. There is a shop selling items related to gardening in the museum.

As described above, South bank in London has some wonderful attractions. The London Aquarium, Florence Nightingale Museum and Royal National Theatre are interesting places to visit, whilst the London Eye gives you a great experience. You will be able to acquire knowledge and insights from these places. Hence, if you choose to visit this place, you can look forward to an enjoyable tour and a learning experience. For more information on South bank London, please visit Cheap Flights website.

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Places to See, Things to Do in the New Forest

The summer is fast approaching, the weather is warming up and many of us have already booked some time off work to relax and put aside the stresses. A lot of people have opted to stay in the UK and with so many different things to do is it any wonder that this is the case.

The New Forest is just one of many places in the UK that you may consider visiting. With so many activities there will hopefully be something to appeal to all members of the family.

Cycling is a popular way to explore the delights of the forest. There is over 100 miles of marked routes; a penalty of £500 can be incurred if you disobey the restricted areas so look for the green signs marked with a bike if in doubt before you enter.

Walking is one activity unlike the above that doesn’t have many restrictions. It’s an ideal way to absorb the atmosphere and take in the surroundings in all their glory. With endless gravel, grassy and sandy tracks it makes for perfectly suitable terrain for any enjoyable walk. There is also an abundance of car parks around to provide a starting and ending point and not to be read as endorsing drinking and driving a good pub is never far away.

Although walking isn’t known as a high risk activity, dog walkers should be aware that there are adders around, also with nearly 100 adder bites happening yearly in the UK and half a dozen occurring here which are often caused by the snake being provoked, it is best not to try a “Steve Irwin” and give the stubborn and possibly surprised creature a wide berth. Also be aware, if you are a dog walker there are areas that you will not be permitted.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a first timer, how about trekking the gorgeous countryside on horse back? If you don’t have your own horse there are many riding schools around. For first timers the pony trekking will allow you to ride in a more relaxed fashion. First timers don’t be scared; apparently the ponies are very docile and nervous rider friendly. As with the cycling and dog walking, be wary of the out of bound areas.

As with most areas of natural beauty, a golf course or a fishing lake will sure to be found.

Activities have been briefly discussed but will hopefully give you a little taster of what is on offer, now it’s onto the attractions. Each visitor can choose from a wide variety of attractions, for motor fanatics, how about visiting the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum, which was opened in order to keep the memory of the Golden Age of Motorcycling alive and with over 300 rare models, displayed in over four galleries, it could pose a Dad’s delight. Maybe cars are more your thing, in which case Beaulieu National Motor Museum displays a unique collection, including those seen driven by none other than James Bond and for the children, they can partake in a mini car ride. Also within the grounds, lies Beaulieu Abbey, although much was destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries around the reign of Henry VIII there are still things to see today.

Ok, so it is the summer holidays and the snow has melted but you may want to try your hand at skiing, Snowtrax maybe what you are looking for. Due to its unique mist-lubricated surface (if this means anything) it’s useable all year round. Everyone is welcome from those wanting to practice for their forthcoming Austrian ski adventure to the complete novice who may want to appreciate the scenery.

Wildlife is something that the New Forest has in bucket loads, due to its differing habitats. There are many attractions around that will allow you to get up close and personal and most of them are actually outdoors and not taking the creatures away from their natural habitat.

If the weather isn’t all its cracked up to be and the children are screaming out for something to do, there are indoor activities to take advantage of as well, most will require a short drive, Dorset’s number 1 theme park, Adventure Wonderland could be the answer to your prayers, which promises to be great value for money entertainment.

These are only a few of the activates and attractions on offer, but from experience whatever your taste, age or budget there shouldn’t be any restrictions to having a good holiday in the New Forest.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Knightwood Lodge New Forest Hotel offering New Forest Accommodation for your next holiday.

Three Things to Do to De-Stress Yourself

There is something very important I would like to share with you and that is three things that we can do, right now, to begin the journey to “destress yourself”.

1. Take Responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
2. Have an Open Mind to ways to change our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
3. Make a Commitment to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

We can make the decision, right here and right now, to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are the only thinker of our thoughts and we often drift through life with our thoughts on autopilot, when we have the ability to choose what we think. When we take responsibility for our thoughts, specific feelings and actions follow.

For example, when we think we are going to the beach we may be excited, we feel good, and we behave as though we are in a good mood. Or, we think we have to clean the house, and what a terrible thing that is, we feel dread, and then we are in a not so good mood.

Whatever we think does not make a thing true, it just makes it a thought, then a feeling, then an action.

Here is where the, “have an open mind,” comes in. When we have a thought, we can change our thoughts to what we want. We can think, cleaning the house is not so bad, and it will make me feel better, after I am done. Sound silly? Maybe it does but, it is how we think of things that cause our reactions, and in turn cause our stress.

It is time to make a commitment! Make a commitment to “destress yourself” by taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions and by having an open mind to changing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. WE ARE THE ONLY THINKER OF OUR THOUGHTS, WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS, WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR FEELINGS, AND WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR ACTIONS!

We can be happier, we can make more money, we can have a better relationship, we can loose more weight, we can find a better career, we can get more clients, we can do anything we think we can. So, let’s start thinking we can, have an open mind, try new ways of thinking we can, and make a commitment to your life.

Let’s take responsibility to noticing our thoughts and creating better thoughts. Let’s have an open mind and look for new ways to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Let’s make a commitment to our life and change our habitual thoughts, feelings, and actions of doubt, fear, and worry and turn them into habitual thoughts, feelings, and actions of certainty, confidence, faith, and hope. When we do this we will notice how good thoughts, feelings and actions will follow.

Elizabeth Stanfill, Managing Director of Destress Yourself, is an authority and expert in Critical Incident Stress Management, General Stress Management, and Overcoming Burnout. She specializes in teaching individuals to discover the stressful habits that are holding them back in life and changing these habits into successful practices that create explosive jumps in personal and professional performance. For more free information about Destressing Yourself please sign up for our free Destress Yourself Newsletter and receive free admission to our monthly Destress Yourself teleclass or download our free audios at

23 Things to Do To Help Shake the Blues

The state of the American economy has many feeling down. As the bad news is disseminated daily, it is easy to see how and why people – even the most optimistic of whom – may be having trouble shaking the blues. Below is a list of things you can try  to help you snap out of it. They won’t resolve you problems, but can help take your mind off of things momentarily.

Reconnect with old friends – Talking to old friends will take you back to times enjoyed together in the past. It is also interesting to learn about what they’ve been up to and how their lives are going.
Take a brisk walk/run outdoors – If the weather permits, exercising in the outdoors let us connect with and appreciate nature.
Call/see your favorite person – Your  favorite person is just that because you feel good when you are around them.
Watch your favorite movie – Like your favorite person, your favorite movie is likely your favorite because watching it makes you feel good. 
Eat your favorite food – This is usually comfort food which remind us of good times. As long as you don’t over indulge, you need not feel guilty.
Write in a journal – Keeping a journal detailing your thoughts and feelings helps to unburden yourself of those feelings and move on to more positive things.
Write a letter, poem or song – Writing can have therapeutic effects, and the same is true of engaging in creative endeavors.
Meditate – Quieting your mind and focusing within are said to have beneficial effects. 
Organize a soiree – Surround yourself with friends and loved ones in a social setting and see if that doesn’t lift your spirits.
Go fishing – Ever seen a stressed out fisherman? Being around water can be very soothing.
Go swimming – Submerging yourself in water and getting exercise can be soothing and stimulating at the same time.
Listen to upbeat music – Ever wonder why people exercise, clean or work to upbeat music? Perhaps it makes you feel more energetic. Whatever the reason, it works.
Volunteer your time – Giving of your time for a good cause or purpose is sure to make you feel good.
Take a bubble bath – Submerging yourself in warm water can be incredibly relaxing.
Get a massage – Any massage, whether from your spa or your spouse, eases tension and feels good.
Take a long drive – Your one hour commute does not count. Taking a drive out in a scenic rural area will not only lull you into calmness, but will make you appreciate nature. 
Sit under a tree and read – Lose yourself in a good book and connect with nature at the same time.
Dance – Good dancer or not, moving your body to the rhythm of the music can be fun and energizing.
Enroll in a workshop – Learn to do something you’ve always wanted to do.
Help an elderly person – Run an errand or fix something around the house. Whatever you do to help, they will appreciate it.
Watch your old home videos – Laugh at the antics of the children or your 80’s hairstyle. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
Take a long nap – If you are like most people, you are sleep deprived. Pamper yourself with a nice long nap to feel rejuvenated.
Play with a child – Just hearing the laughter of a child can make you smile. 

Lilia L. Fallgatter, JD is a writer, publisher, speaker, online education administrator and author of “The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write, How To Tell Loved Ones How You Feel ~ Before It’s Too Late.” She has written articles and e-books on self-improvement and personal growth topics and considers it her mission to help others improve their lives. Visit her blog at or “tweet” her

Villa Clara Keys – Places to Go and Things to Do

When staying at the Villa Clara keys there is much more to do and see than just resting at its gorgeous beaches. A lot of hotels have sports and nautical activities for the guests, and if you are looking for real fun then you should dive in a natural aquarium. The sea bottom of these keys, with more than 24 diving points, offers a huge variety of corals and fish species of extreme beauty, ideal for watching or underwater photography.

If diving is your thing, the main diving points are located in an area which comprises Cayo Fragoso, Cayo Cobo, Cayo Frances, Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Borracho, Cayo Espanol de Afuera, Cayo Los Diablillos, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Los Caimanes.

You can also go to Marina Gaviota Cayo Santa Maria. This marina and its diving station are located in Cayo Las Brujas and offer exciting options and programs for those who wish to explore this amazing underwater paradise, where both professional and amateur divers swim alongside stone bass, barracudas and snappers; bright-colored gorgonians, graceful sea fans, just to mention a few species, and explore underwater caves.

For those who prefer more relaxing alternatives of leisure, Villa Clara Keys are an oasis of health and wellbeing, where spas are a great choice to spoil you in a paradisiacal environ. These keys are a heavenly retreat to revitalize the senses, relax the body and soothe the soul in world-class spa; where you can enjoy a blissful vacation, charmed by the magic of the Caribbean. There are 2 health sanctuaries, especially devoted to indulging guests, which resorts make Villa Clara keys different from other Cuban tourist destinations.

The Royal Spa at Royal Hideway Ensenachos, located in the oriena is a state-of-the art facility staffed with highly qualified and experienced personnel offering a wide variety of treatments in an ambiance of sophistication, privacy and comfort. There are the main features of Royal de Occidental Spa, where you can immerse yourself in a totally satisfying experience as you reinvigorate your body and enhance your beauty, all in a marvelous and luxurious tropical setting. You can select from an array of facilities and treatments available, such as: thermal pool, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, swim-up pool and snack bars, wide range of massages (Swedish, sport, therapeutic, with volcano stones, etc), facial massages (alter sun, revitalizing, for men, hydrosoin, etc.), hydrotherapy, exfoliation, body wraps, and beauty salon (hair trims, waxing, hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, cornrows, etc.)

The Yhi Spa Aguas Claras at Melia Cayo Santa Maria is a sanctuary for indulging your body and stimulating your senses in a wondrous Caribbean setting. Yhi Spa is a new Sol Melia brand devoted to enhancing your sense of well being, inspired by the legend of Yhi, an Australian aboriginal deity who turned darkness into light by covering the world with her body. Here you will find pavilions surrounded by luxuriant natural settings. You can select from any of the diverse treatments for readjusting the internal energy of the body, or you may feel fabulous after some of the massages that both soften and hydrate the skin, alleviating pain and invigorating blood circulation. There are also hydrothermal circuits which optimize the benefits of the treatment chosen. The spa has a relaxation room, including soothing beverages; a gym with supervision by a qualified trainer; a beauty salon for ladies and gents and a swimming pool with terrace.

If you have already chosen some of these leisure alternatives, there are still some neighboring attractions to see when vacationing in Villa Clara Keys.

causeway-santa-maria.jpgThe extensive causeway connecting the keys with Villa Clara province enables visitors to come into contact with the culture, history and warm hospitality of the Cuban people. For instance, you can visit the city of Santa Clara, site of the monument which contains the remains of Che Guevara; the city of Remedios, famous for its popular festivities; Trinidad and Cienfuegos, whose old quarters were declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco; or Sancti Spiritus, one of the first Spanish villas, rich in colonial houses churches and squares. You can also visit the Topes de Collantes Natural Park at 800 m above sea level, an important enclave for ecological tourism.

So, if you are staying at Villa Clara Keys, explore, relax, and have fun

Giselle Rodriguez is a Cuba hotels website blogger and content collaborator at Umbrella Travel

Goal Setting Activities – The Things to Do to Get Great Goals!

Are you trying to set some goals to achieve and you want to make sure they are exactly what you want? Do you want to know the best goal setting activities that you can use to get the goals set that you want to achieve? There are ways to make sure you set and achieve the right goals for you and there are things you can do to make this easier. Here are some tips to help you out with this process.

First, when you are looking for goal setting activities you have to start with a full brainstorm. This needs to be unfiltered, which means you write down everything regardless of how crazy it seems. Maybe you can start by setting a goal to brainstorm and write down 100 things you want to accomplish. These can be simple things like finishing a book or more complex like taking a vacation. Anything that comes to your mind write down with nothing filtered out.

Second, another one of the goal setting activities you can use is to break down all your goals. Once you have your 100 goals from your brainstorm, then you can start to categorize them into long term, mid term, and short term. This will give you an idea of a time frame for achieving these goals. Your long term are goals that will take over 5 years to achieve, mid term will take between 1 and 5 years to achieve, and short term are goals that can be achieve within 1 year.

Last, you can break these goals down even further. When you break your goals into smaller pieces you will be able to achieve these small goals one at a time leading you closer to your larger and longer term goals. For example, one of my goals is to become a scratch golfer and I believe I can do it within 5 years. I am an 11.5 now so I break it down into what I want to achieve within 6 months, 1 year, 1 1/2 years, 2, years, and so on. Then, I break it down into my weekly and daily practice sessions.

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