Getting Rid of Acne – 10 Important Things to Avoid Doing to Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and therefore it deserves to be treated with some respect and kindness. When you look after you skin, your skin looks after you.

1. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze your zits or pimples – by avoiding these temptations you will reduce the spread by not making them any worse, they will heal that much quicker and you will have less scaring.

2. Sunbed tanning – this has now been proven to cause significant skin damage, as you are actually burning your skin causing premature aging and skin cancers.

3. Smoking – I guess that’s self explanatory. We all know the harmful effects caused from smoking, like lung cancer, heart disease to name a few, and smoking also makes you look older. That’s because the nicotine in the cigarette smoke causes the blood vessels and capillaries in the skin to shrink. This deprives the skin of much needed oxygen needed to circulate and maintain healthy skin cells.

4. Overdosing on Vitamin A – you may have been told that taking vitamin A will help cure your acne, but what you need to be aware of is, that when you body takes on too much Vitamin A, it will store the remainder in your liver, eventually causing you major health problems. The best and safest way to get Vitamin A, is from eating vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots, or you can take a beta carotene vitamin A supplement that’s in a much milder form.

5. Check before using a Perilous peel or even Dermabrasion – If you have a dark complexion you may experience streaking or uneven pigmentation, with a possibility of scaring. Best thing to do is get a second or even third opinion to make sure. Make sure you do your own research.

6. Rosacea treatments – when purchasing over the counter medications, make sure you actually have rosacea, before purchasing any prescription drugs, as you could end up making your skin worse.

7. Over using Topical Steroids – If you are suffering from a mild rash or itch, and you decide to go to your local store and buy an over the counter product, like a cortisone cream or ointment. It’s perfectly OK to use the product for a couple of days, but be mindful of using it on a regular day to day basis, as you will potentially thin your skin.

8. Four-In-One Shaving Razor Blades – for those with acne or even sensitive skin, by using these kinds of shavers you may cause your skin to be even more irritated and sore, from having such a close shave. If possible stick to the single blade for both safety and your acne will thank you for it.

9. Be cautious with products you don’t know – when purchasing treatments that claim to cure your acne, make sure you know what ingredients are in them. Some herbal medications can actually make certain skin inflammations worse, especially if you have an allergic reaction. So definitely err on the side of caution.

10. Spend less time in front of the mirror – when you are suffering from acne or any skin problem, your main concern will be how you look. But if you start obsessing about how you look, you may forget about all the other great things you already have. Best advice – Stay away from the mirror while you undertake your acne treatment, and let your skin get on with the job at hand – getting rid of the acne!

Just because acne is common, doesn’t mean that you need to suffer needlessly, and that there isn’t anything that you can do about getting rid of acne. You certainly don’t need to wait until it decides to go away by its self before you decide to take action. There is a great remedy available that will help you get rid of acne.