The Great Outdoors Is Good For Kids To Experience

Today it is so common for kids, even those that live in rural country areas, to stay indoors far too much doing things like talking on the phone, watching television, and playing video games. In generations past kids always played outdoors because during those times there just might not have been a whole lot to do inside. Mom or dad might find an extra chore or two in the house that needed doing, or they might suggest that a little more time be dedicated to homework. This is why most kids went outside and stayed outside as much as possible.

These days it is not that there are any less things to do outdoors, it is more because there is so much can be done indoors. You can not take the big screen television outside, although there are hand held video games that can be. Even when a hand held video game is played outside, a kid is not likely to get much exercise and physical stimulation from doing that.

Parents must take it upon themselves, as busy as they might be, to make sure that kids get enough exercise. The best way to do this is to make being outside more fun than in. It might no be possible for a parent to make sure that they get moving everyday, but at least when you have a weekend off or go on vacation, you should take them somewhere that has many outside activities to participate in and hopefully as a family.

Going camping can be one of those things, but tents and open fires might not be for everyone. What can be for everyone is a cabin in a great places that has water nearby and lots of woods. Staying in a cabin with your family for a weekend or even longer can be a wonderful break from the everyday routine. You can go out hiking and exploring together. When there is a water source nearby, it is always fun to swim and fish. At the end of a day that has been spent in the fresh air and everyone is good and tired, it can be nice to go back to the cabin and fix a quick dinner that is not too fancy, maybe cook on a grill, then relax playing a board game that your might never have even heard of like Monopoly or checkers.

Not only will time spent outdoors together make a healthier lifestyle for everyone, it will create special times that each family member is not likely to ever forget. You can ask almost any adult who was given an opportunity to stay in a cabin or even a tent for a few days with their family or at a camp for the summer and they will probably tell you it was a special time in their life.

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